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An International Journal Of Management, IT & Communication



ISSN No. : 2277-2448

The inaugural issue of Vision Catalyst is in your hand. As the title suggests, the journal aims at creating a pool of diverse visions of growth in its chosen areas. But this diversity is not intended to be just a compilation of existing perspectives. The different perspectives of looking at the same issue should be able to reflect the dynamics of problem at hand. It is in this context that that the journal takes upon itself the task of catalyzing the thought process of individuals and groups into providing actionable ideas about a shared future. Hence the name Vision Catalyst.


Three major domains that are driving the runaway changes permeating all walks of life are Information Technology, Management & Communication. The journal dares to address the issues lying on the intersections of these domains. Why intersections and not the core domains? It is increasingly being realized by academics, researchers, professionals and thought leaders alike that we are suffering from† 'cubiclization of knowledge' in the name of pursuing specializations of various kinds. On the other hand, most of the innovations are taking pace on the borders of different knowledge domains.


In view of the above, the Vision Catalyst team decided to direct its energies to exploring the potential of no man's land between the borders of the aforementioned three different disciplines. This entails horizontal thinking and challenging our own cherished ideas and views about challenges at hand.


The current issue is a very modest effort at meeting the monumental objective of breaking away from the standalone knowledge systems typified by different Departments, Centers, Faculties and Schools, as the case may be , in various Universities and Institutes in India and beyond. This is done mostly through papers dealing with issues bordering Information Technology & Management. The third area, that is Communication, remains almost bypassed. In the following issues, this lacuna will be taken care of.


To conclude, any journal is as good as its research papers. It is for you to raise the bar in every forthcoming issue. This will not be possible without ruthlessly honest and critical comments of its readers. Looking forward to a bagful of all these.


Dr. C. P. Singh